Appeal to Congress to Change Unfair Policy

Congressman John Lewis

Congress of the United States of America

Washington, Dc


Dear Congressman John Lewis,


It is apparent that we must address the issue of visa denial to people of African descent in a civilized, fair, equitable and human manner. Many of our African citizens, especially Nigerians are denied visas without an expressed written reason why they were denied. This noted circumstance is unequivocally a fundamental violation of their human rights with implied prejudice and racial indignation.  It also implies an unusual act of cruelty, unethical practice, and extortion and lacks decency.

Without prejudice, we expect that denial should be based on cogent, factual, reasonable and substantial reasons, not prejudice, predisposition, indifference, jealousy, outright cruelty and hatred.

It is the right of an individual denied visa to know why he or she was denied in writing as a mandatory requirement. When this occurs the person may have an opportunity to address the reasons in a satisfactory way knowing exactly what actions are required to make amendments or rather rectify the situation given another chance in a fair and reasonable manner.

I have observed on many instances where many people of African descent are denied visas in large numbers without expressed reason and are often intimidated when they challenged or demanded the reasons for denial.

Visa applicants pay about $200.00 for visa application services. They have a right to know why they are denied in writing as a mandatory requirement.  This practice has been going on for a long time, taking advantage of people of African descents with prejudice and hatred of unprecedented dimension.

Many of our people visit Dubai in masses and return home without harassment or any forms of preconceived notion about their ability to conform to the applicable laws and decency. The current policy is unprogressive, anti-development, and unfriendly and casts a shadow on America’s moral compass and leadership.

As a US citizen, I am appealing to the State Department and the Congress to review these anti-social and anti-development policies and put into place policies that will protect the rights of people of African descents and others who may suffer the same faith.



Babs Olusegun Onabanjo, PhD.,

President & CEO: A.D. King Foundation, Inc. (501© 3) 770-873-9265

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