Change Reform- Police Brutality- Race Relations-Mental illness -Incarceration Rate- in America

Mrs. Naomi B. King: The Time has Come for Substantive Reform in the American Law System

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones through those tragedies in Minnesota, Louisiana, Dallas and all across America. Our beloved communities of love has suffered a temporary setback because our goal is love and wisdom that passes all understanding.

Over fifty years ago, Dr. King cried out these words. “Why We Can't Wait" In light of the events that have occurred in the past week we must move forward with a new sense of urgency. 

Martin said the real wealth inherited by African-American people was being empowered to create social change

We must be about creating positive social change. It needs to be our mission and heart and soul of everything we do.

Too many have died and too many have been killed. 
Violence is not the answer, only love can conquer hate.

We who believe in non-violent social change strategy must be an example to inspire younger Americans of all colors to act with courage and dignity to be the change that stops this madness.

If A.D. or Martin lived today, they would be appalled at racial divide, hopelessness and despair, lack of opportunities for our youth for survival. How would they not be furious at young people who seem to lack the skills for economic and entrepreneurial empowerment, compounded with racism, police brutality and alarming incarceration rates of black people, another slave trade mentality?


The creative battle we must wage is against the “Starless Midnite" that has created this crisis. Our silence (no longer acceptable) must be louder. Our silence is so loud it hurts, hearts and souls. We must be a light in this darkness. We must stop systemic racism.


We are part of arc of struggle for equal rights, equal education and economic opportunities for ALL of God's Children. 

We must act boldly, swiftly and with courage. The struggle must become a reality so the many who now only know hopelessness can have HOPE!!


WE must work hard to ensure that A.D & Martin's vision for ALL GOD'S CHILDREN becomes a reality. The absence of political will to deal with this crisis has only added to the isolation and alienation of those whose life's burdens are too much to bear.


The time is now, we must prove to ALL GOD'S CHILDREN that somebody does care. We can create a new caring community that will bring hope back into young people who seem to only know CHAOS.


We must stop police brutality and profiling and regulate assault weapons of mass destruction. We must create community opportunities and become a village of hope and not despair. Stop systemic racism, police brutality, too many have died as a result, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, 5 police officers and many others and the list goes on.

Our hearts are heavy, we need substantives police reforms, gun control reforms and laws that discriminate against black people, poor people and those who are socially challenged. We must address mental illness and care for our veterans.


I look forward to traveling this journey with you and all that believe this needs to happen.


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