Nigeria Needs International Intervention Now than Ever to Prevent Total Disaster - Is Enough Enough?

“The Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) says it is time for the Yoruba nation to exit Nigeria - The group states that Nigeria will never be genuinely restructured by the present crop of political leaders.
“Even if the country will be restructured, it will pass through the National Assembly, which was created during the era of military rule of the Fulani to ensure an upper hand for the Fulani North. The National Assembly is an organ of the Fulani and their agents, so also is the Nigerian military, which has continuously been used to repress, intimidate and humiliate Nigerians.”
YOLICOM said: “We totally reject the idea of restructuring as proposed. It is an attempt to restructure Nigeria on their own terms and not on the terms of the people. Nigeria will never be genuinely restructured by the present crop of political leaders who are themselves beneficiaries of the same skewed system. “
Nigeria since 1914 was amalgamated by force, the country has been thrown into one turmoil or the other. For over a century, Nigeria has failed to meet the international benchmark of socio political and economic development. The only references to Nigeria’s greatness were the striking achievements of the then three regions of South West, South East, and the North. Since the collapse of federalism and the introduction of the unitary system imposed by the military, Nigeria has been thrown into a cabal of northern oligarchy using the military as their tool for power and control at the expense of the south and non-Muslim Fulani ethnic groups.
Nigeria has remained in the tunnel of misery, including fighting an avoidable civil war which claimed over a million lives. The drum of war is being played in many parts of Nigeria, the Yoruba (YOLICOM) from the South West, IPOB/MOSSOP from the South East, the Niger Delta, MOSOP/MEND and others from the South-South and the catastrophe of possible civil war must be avoided through proactive means with urgency and decisive measures. The United Nations together with The United States of America should intervene in setting up a national conference to prevent further escalation and the possibility of arms struggle, war, and disaster of imaginary proportion. Restructuring with true federalism option and regional autonomy (Six Regional Zones: North East, North West, North Central, South West, South East, and South-South) may be the only solution to the Nigerian impasse.


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