Restructuring Nigerian the only way forward

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Restructuring Nigeria, the only way forward ― Dr. Babs Onabanjo

Dr Babs Onabanjo Dr. Babatunde Olusegun Onabanjo

Aduloju Daniel

Dr. Babs O. Onabanjo, from the United States, has added his voice to the growing list of advocates for a restructured Nigeria if the country is to enjoy social, economical and structural development like other serious and prosperous nation’s.

In a press release available to SoL, the President/CEO of the A.D King Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia, suggested that for Nigeria to rise and take her place among the list of developed nation’s in the world, the most effective weapon that can be successfully used to fight corruption is restructuring through regional autonomy.

He said that corruption is so endemic in Nigeria’s structure and that only restructuring can minimize, or eradicate corruption in the country.

He specifically called attention to the Ajaokuta project which has yet to be completed after almost four decades, saying that to the international community, the project clearly is a mirage of the country with a unitary form of government, which allows all power to steal legally from its people blindly for decades unabated.

“The government is so corrupt that nothing good can be derived from the project so long as the structure allows authoritarian powers, conferred by the state or unitary system without checks, balances, transparency, accountability and due process.”

Corroborating Bill Gates’ candid opinion when the world’s richest man visited the country last month that the country has not invested in her people, Dr. Onabanjo stated that investment in human capital is just a dream in actuality as it only exists through embezzlement of government funds, entrusted in the care of corrupt government officials all across the country, “and still enjoy protection of the government authorities to loot, steal and embezzle without any recourse or consequence.

“This is true by all accounts of the government since the overthrow of the first republic by soldiers trained and influenced by foreign powers.

“It is a shame that after 50 years of independence, Nigeria is still struggling to survive, just as it is only known as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

“When you google Ajaokuta scandal and watch the episode play on national Television, you get a sick feeling in your stomach about our corrupt leaders from Obasanjo to the Buhari. There is no hope for Nigeria under the current dispensation unless we fight for our freedom through regional restructuring and regional autonomy.

“Restructuring Nigeria must be done the right way and the right way is not state restructuring, but rather zonal regional restructuring, to move Nigeria forward.

“The central powers should be reduced drastically and powers are entrusted to the people at the regional levels so that they can control their own destiny, development, and transformation within the confine of their own restructured region.

“The federal system will be limited to immigration, military, customs, fiscal and monetary policies and other national functions of a central government, in collaboration with the zonal regional governments. The six- geopolitical zones must be transformed and become autonomous regions to save Nigeria from disintegration,” he said.

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